Friday, July 29, 2011

a hidden witch...

A few months ago I was selected to receive a great book A Modern Witch, I reviewed it here. As a thank you for reviewing A Modern Witch the author, Debora Geary, sent her reviewers a copy of the next book in the series, A Hidden Witch.  The email with the book came at such a perfect time, it really made my day, I was so excited.  I have to say, it didn't disappoint, evidenced by the fact that I read it in one sitting.  All of our favorite witches were back with the introductions to some new characters.  I think one of the things I love most about The Modern Witch series is that I fall in love with the characters, I feel for them and with them you are definitely along for the ride when you read this book. 

Elorie is a woman who was born into a witch family and wished to be a witch throughout her whole life. When it became apparent that Elorie didn't have powers she was devastated, but took to a different role so she could still support the witching community she loved.  She has accepted her place in the witching community and has come to terms with the fact that she doesn't have powers...or does she?  After a scan, developed by a young witchling and her 2 sisters,  reveals some magical powers in Elorie the entire witching community comes together to figure out exactly what kind of powers Elorie has and how best to use them.  Another wonderful story of a family's love, empathy and humor helping them through even the toughest of situations.  I loved every page of this book and cannot wait to see what happens next!

For those of you who don't have are in luck...A Modern Witch is available in paperback on Amazon and A Hidden Witch will be available in a few weeks!

Source Disclosure: I received A Hidden Witch from the author but the opinions of this book are all my own!

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