Thursday, July 28, 2011

thankful thursday(the random edition)...

So, today my thankful post is going to be a little on the "I'm thankful for the small things that make me smile" side.  I am always of course thankful for the big things, but sometimes it is the little things that can make your here is mine today.
  • ELECTRICITY...we were without power for 12 hours.  Thankfully, a chunk of that time was while we were sleeping but the natives were getting restless.  I felt so disconnected. 
  • The people who worked hard to get our electricity back on.
  • Saving $4 on a pair of shoes that I bought for Brianna.
  • A great book given to me by the author (review coming tomorrow!)
I know these storms have been hard on so many people, I hope and pray that everyone stays safe!

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