photos of my amateur decorating skills
not a cake...but I love this little robot! Bryce's school birthday treat
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday cake
Cookie dough filled cupcakes
Eyeball birthday cake
Oreo cake
Mizzou cupcake cake
My little pony carousel cake
hello kitty
yellow cake with blueberry filling and lemon frosting
angel food cake with fresh strawberries, blueberries & raspberries
yellow cake with raspberry chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze frosting
 golf cake
 dinosaur cake
 bunny cupcakes
 flower cupcakes

mario ds cake
candy cake
double layer cookie cake
graduation cake
graduation sheet cake
toy story cake #2
pond/frog cake
onesie sugar cookies
toy story cake
buzz sugar cookies
pizza planet alien sugar cookies
turkey cookies
purse cake

cookie bouquet
martini, margarita, and champagne sugar cookies
monkey cake ( made with wilton cake pan)
cookie monster cupcakes & cupcakes with elmo shaped candies

elmo cake (made with wilton cake pan)
scooby doo cake (made with wilton cake pan)
castle cake #2
castle cake #1
barbie cake
rubber ducky cake (made with wilton cake pan)