Sunday, December 03, 2017


Whew! What a busy day/weekend. The fact that I'm just sitting down to write your birthday letter at 9:30pm is just a small indication of how crazy it has been...well that and I just seem to find myself at a loss for words. When I look at you I still see that tiny peanut that couldn't wait another 4 weeks until his due date, that entered the world in his own time and on his own plan, which is pretty much the way you still operate. This last year has been so fun watching you grow and discover things you love. You had such a fun season of baseball and enjoyed spending time with all your teammates, they are such a great group of boys and I hope you continue to have such wonderful friends surrounding you. Your love of football grew leaps and bounds with your first year playing tackle. You are the smallest one out there, but you have a ton of heart and put your all into every minute you were out there playing. You had another successful soccer season, coming up just short in the championship game in a shootout. And of course wrestling is in full swing again....which you still love so much. You put so much time and work in and are trying to be a good role model for the younger kids. This season is starting out a little slow and I can see the frustration and disappointment, but you are using that to drive you to get better. You watch your videos and ask your coaches to help you figure out what you can do better. You make us so proud buddy. Just keep being the amazing kid you are. I can't wait to see what this year brings. I hope you had a great day...Dad and I love you so very much.
Happy Birthday Buddy!
Love always,

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