Friday, March 04, 2011


After yesterday's dramatic post, I feel the need to update you all on the fact that I'm doing much better.  Yesterday afternoon the kids were having hopping races into my arms (I was the finish line) and I felt the pieces go back together.  Let me explain a little about what happened...the injector pump went out in our basement a couple of weeks ago, so that was an unexpected repair (and expense), then this week our microwave died (which again, not a huge deal...just darn inconvenient), then Wednesday our furnace starting acting up.  We slept in a house with no heat that night (thankfully it wasn't too cold, but it was still cold enough).  Yesterday it got fixed, it again was nothing major but another repair/expense we weren't counting on.  Thankfully our furnace is in fine shape and we didn't have to replace it altogether.  Add all of those things onto a very long couple of days of work, putting the house on the market (and considering the market isn't great to begin with), trying to keep the house clean, and only 1 all gets to a girl you know? 
BUT, having a night home curled up on the couch with Bob and the kids has helped me pull it all together.  I know things will get better, things will work out the way they were meant to and I need to have some patience and trust that when the time is right things will go our way, and along the way I know I have the best friends and family to lean on.  I am such a lucky girl, I am surrounded by long as I always remember that I know that I will always be able to put the pieces back together.

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