Friday, February 04, 2011

the story of the birth certificate (or lack there of)...

Since I'm still in sort of a writer's block and in my previous post I mentioned that I didn't have a birth certificate until I was 18 I thought I would explain this little tidbit about me.

When I was 17-18 I lost my license somewhere.  I searched everywhere for that darn thing, cleaned out my car, my purses, looked around the places I worked and came up empty-handed.  So in order to get a replacement license you have to supply the DMV  (at least in Iowa) with two forms to prove who you are.  No biggie, I had a social security card and my birth certificate from the county (I think, right mom?)  So when we took them in they told us that they needed an official copy of the birth certificate from the state. Mom called (or wrote or whatever you have to do) to request a copy of my birth certificate.  They said they didn't have a birth certificate for me.  They asked her if she was sure that was my birth date, she assured them that that was in fact the day I was born.  They informed her they had no records of any births that day for the whole county (I think...or at least the hospital I was born at).  They told her that I would need to apply for a delayed certificate of birth.  My mom (the saint) filled out all the paperwork and got all of the information they requested (huge pain in the ass, right mom?) and about nine months later (I think in the middle of this we did eventually end up getting enough information to replace my license) I finally had a birth certificate and existed in the eyes of the state of Iowa.  Ironically about a week after I finally got issued a replacement license the old one was found.  Thankfully, this all happened when it did, I can't imagine going through all of that when we were applying for a marriage license.  I'm just wondering why the state was taking my money all of those years since apparently I didn't exist...I think I deserve a refund!! :)

(OK that wasn't a very exciting story written out, but that is what you get when I can't think of anything else to write about! :))

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