Saturday, February 12, 2011

my name is amber and i am a sporadic blogger...

Oh loves, are you feeling neglected?  I'm so sorry, things have been INSANE around here (hopefully in the next couple weeks I can fill you all in).  Here is the quick rundown...soo much going on, jobs (remember...I have 3 right now...4 if you count Bob and the kids :)), kids are great Brianna is actually at her first sleepover (at a non-family members house) baby is growing up :(, Bob was in Boston for a few days last week, and we are excited to be visiting some great friends this coming week.  My mom is in town right now and I've been keeping her busy and working her like a dog.  (Don't worry, she isn't complaining...actually she is totally keeping me on task and for that and so many other reasons I love her).  My goal is to get a cake tutorial post up for my dear friend Abbie this week.  She asked for a tutorial in a previous post so I'm doing my best to fullfill her request (see ask and you shall receive)!  OK, I really must sleep now, morning will be here too soon!  Night night...I'll be back soon!!

(wow this post has too many parenthetical comments and WAY too many emoticons...yikes!)

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