Wednesday, February 02, 2011

i'd like to thank the academy...

Actually...I'd like to thank the beautiful and talented Abbie over at Greening Sam & Avery for this award.  I feel a little less than stylish right now sitting in my paint-covered sweatpants, t-shirt and unwashed hair...but I'm blaming the blizzard on me not looking stylish today.  :) 

Now onto following the rules of acceptance -

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Award 15 recently discovered great blogs/bloggers (The Versatile Blogger guideline was different the first time I received it so feel free to choose 10 or 15)
4) Contact the bloggers to tell them about the award

Hmm...what seven things shall I tell you my beautiful (and handsome) readers?  OK here it goes, hope this gives you a bit of entertainment if you are trapped inside like I am on this beautiful blizzardy (yes, that is totally a word!) day.
  1. According to the State of Iowa I didn't exist until age 18 when I (OK really my mom) applied to get me a delayed certificate of birth.  They actually asked her if she was sure that was my birthday!
  2. I feel completely socially awkward most of the time.
  3. I am terrible at making new friends, but love meeting new people.
  4. I have an unhealthy addiction to Reality TV.
  5. I am a crier (at both happy and sad things).
  6. I read 7 books during the month of January.
  7. I am a night owl...I see 2am more often than I should.
Well, I'm not sure those are the most interesting things, but my brain feels like it is on a snow day as well!  Let's see...who to pass along this award to?  OK here are the people I think you should add to your Reader or bookmark (since probably 1/3 of the ones Abbie posted I love too!)!
  1. The Creech Family
  2. WantNot 
  3. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  4. Joy Unexpected
  5. The Spohrs are Multiplying
  6. Curvy Girl Guide
  7. the unwrapping
  8. A Southern Fairytale
  9. Notes From the Trenches
  10. On My Bookshelf
Happy Reading!!


Anonymous said...

I love that you read the unwrapping! Her words and stories always hit so close to home for me. So beautiful.
Loved your seven things!

sarah said...

thanks for linking me, amber! i always appreciate your comments on my blog. i couldn't figure out how to hop over here before, but i'm glad i found you now! thanks again!

Holly said...

Hey there! Thanks for picking the book blog! :-) I need to get on this award thing and post about it! Maybe tomorrow. Today was realllly long. Andrew is gone for 9 days and I'm on day 4. And it's been a long week already. ugh. But getting a stylish award from both you and Abbie has definitely perked up my day! :-)

Dawn said...

What's the story with the birth certificate? And why did I not know it (or more likely how did I forget it?) Hope you're doing well!