Friday, February 25, 2011

late night stream of thought...

Tonight is one of those nights where I can't sleep, too much running through my brain, and I know that morning will come much too soon and I will not be ready for it, but I can't stop my brain.  So, maybe if I just write it out it will help me sleep.  So away we go, this will probably be in list format and I can't promise it will make sense so feel free to skip if you want!
  • I just finished Because I Said So by Dawn Meehan. I have to tell you I LOVED it. It made me smile, laugh and even tear up. Totally worth your time to read. I read snippets to Bob because I swear that woman has a camera in our house. I could relate to almost all of what she said (especially the husband chapter) Our chaos is just on a smaller scale (she has six kids). Check it out!
  • The next book I have on my to-be-read pile is Jodi Picoult's new book that doesn't come out until next week.  My sweet friend Holly got an advanced reader copy and gave it to me with the requirement that I write a book review for her book blog.  This makes me a little nervous because I'm not very good at book reviews I feel like I either give away too much or not enough, BUT  I'm super excited to have this book (yes I am a nerd) so I of course will give this review my best shot! :)
  • I yelled a lot today, I'm not sure almost felt like today was Monday.  Because we were gone all weekend and didn't get home until Monday afternoon and then rushing off to work Tuesday and Wednesday...I feel like I haven't breathed at all this week.  So today I had a short fuse and I am so mad at myself about it.  But I will try to do better today!
  • Does the crossover of extra characters on Grey's and Private Practice annoy anyone else?  On tonight's episode of Private Practice Andy (the patient with potential dissociative disorder) is the girl who also played a cancer patient on Grey's while Izzy was having treatment.  I probably wouldn't notice this except that this actress also played Paris on Gilmore Girls for years. 
  • I watch Gilmore Girls everyday.  Did you know it is on everyday?  I have seen every episode of the entire series at least 6 times, and yet...I can't make myself delete it from my DVR recordings. 
  • I apparently watch entirely too much TV (stop nodding your head Bob)
  • Anyone else watch the first episode of the Real Housewives of Miami?  I'm not sure it will hold my attention, they all seem a bit loca. Although sometimes that makes for interesting TV.
  • Army Wives starts back up next weekend...soo excited...that is one of my favorite shows ever!
  • If you live in the St. Louis area and need/want some fantastic pictures of your kids...check this out. I love that there are such great giving people out there!
  • There are some great giveaways going on out in blogland right now.  Check this and this out!
  • Since I put the first five years of my blog into a book every time I link something I think about how that doesn't translate well onto a piece of paper. 
  • I We got a new vacuum cleaner!  And it wasn't for a gift (although it was around Valentine's Day) :)  I'm pretty much in love with it, it is amazing how good your carpets can look when you actually have a vacuum cleaner that WORKS!
  • Our real Valentine's Day gift to each other was having plumbers come over and installing a new injection pump in our laundry room/half bathroom.  Because of COURSE it quit working a couple of weeks ago.  We are nothing if not romantic. 
  • I can tell that spring is coming because all of the sudden there are lots of things popping up on the calendar. 
  • Sometimes I wonder why we own a house...we are rarely here, if it were possible for the 4 of us to live in a car together without killing each other it would probably be way more economical for us! 
  • Totally kidding about the laptop has sketchy (at best) in the world could I go on without the internet...or the dvr.  I shudder at the thought.
  • I love how twitter suggest people that you should follow, it sometimes feels like they are trying to tell me something.
  • In other twitter related news it is amazing how you can tweet one thing and all of the sudden people are following you.  Before Christmas I tweeted that I was almost done Christmas shopping and next thing I knew there was this shopping thing following me.  Do they have someone just scouring twitter searching for keywords?
  • Pretty sure I would be awesome at that job...sign me up!
  • I have no idea what I'm even writing anymore...ha!
Now that I've convinced every last one of my readers that I'm crazy I think it is time for me to go to bed.  These kids will be up before I know it.
Goodnight blogland!


Dawn said...

I dislike they I can't see your post as I type my comments --- WAIT --- Ha! Amazing what happens when you click the link that says "How Original Post" HANDY! I'm looking up Because I Said So when I finish here. I too get very annoyed with the character crossovers in Grey's/PrPr. I knew that character was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it last night. Thanks! And, I enjoyed the visual of the four of you trying to live out of your car. What fun! :) Hope you're having a good FRIDAY!!!!

Dawn said...

Shoot - "SHOW Original Post." Guess I should also use the "Preview" button so I can edit out my typos. :)

Holly said...

You have nothing to be nervous about! Your review of the book was awesome! Thanks for writing it! And also, thanks for the link love for the photo blog giveaway!

It's funny, I didn't remember Andy as the cancer patient until you mentioned it, but yes, she will always be Paris to me. LOVED Gilmore Girls! :-) Funny, I also watch The Good Wife and the guy who played Logan on Gilmore Girls is on that. It's hard for me to not think of him as Logan. :-)