Wednesday, February 23, 2011

knox friends...

Is there really anything better than catching up with old friends?  If you've been around here much you know my love for Knox College and the people I met during my time there.  This past weekend we had the chance to catch up with some great friends in Wisconsin.  The funny thing is, that Bob was friends with Chris and Andrew in college where they played golf together, but I wasn't really friends with Holly and Abbie until later.  We have become friends through our husbands and our blogs and when we're together it feels like we have been friends for a very long time.  Our first real get together with these two families there was only 9 of us (and only 3 kids) this year there were 13 of us and the kids outnumbered the adults this time (7 kids to 6 adults).  The kids had a great time playing together as did the adults (board games and wii were played...there was much laughing).  We went on a couple walks to the can read about that here. We went bowling and just had lots of fun together.  I will upload all my pictures to shutterfly soon, but for now here are a couple from the weekend!

This last photo is borrowed from Holly! :)

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