Thursday, January 06, 2011

poor boy...

We're a whole six days into the new year it is about time for someone to go to the doctor.  Last night as we were putting Bryce to bed he said his ear hurt, after he said that we thought we'd be taking him to the doctor at some point today.  Well this morning he gets up and says it doesn't hurt.  Now, before you think I don't care about my son's health, he has had no fever, no change in mood, appetite, sleep, etc.  Yes, he said his ear hurt but we were also asking him over the last few days if anything hurt because of his coughing and ears were one of the things we listed so I wasn't sure that his ears actually hurt or if he was just mimicking us.  We also are no strangers to the coughing, both kids have had breathing issues/asthma pretty much since they were born, we know what to look for and how to treat it and when it is time to go to the doctor.  All of this said, tonight when Bob took Bryce to the doctor, the doctor listened to his lungs and didn't like what he heard, he said he sounded very "junky" then he went on with his to Bryce's right ear and said "well, that has got to hurt".  The doctor said Bryce has possible pneumonia and of course an ear infection.  He gave him a strong antibiotic that should knock both the ear infection and pneumonia (if he actually has it) out.  Bob just looked over my shoulder at this and asked why I was beating myself up over this.  Because I'm the mom, I'm supposed to know when my kids are sick.  Granted mine don't have the courtesy to run fevers or do anything to indicate that they are sick but I still feel like I should know.  The ear infection I'm not really beating myself up over, it is the possible does that happen without me knowing..I am with this child every second of the day...I should just KNOW.  Anyway, my poor baby is on antibiotics and two different medications for his breathing treatments...and of course you would never know anything was wrong with him.  He is now tucked into bed (but is not sleeping yet) so I'm going to crawl into bed myself and watch Grey's.  Here is to tomorrow being a better day!

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