Monday, January 10, 2011

monday monday...

Whew, what a day (and yes I realize it is only 3pm and the worst part of my day is coming up). (geesh...I no sooner typed this than Bryce bit Brianna...good grief) Bryce has bounced back quickly except for the whole "I want mommy ALL the time"  he constantly wants me to hold him or be on my lap and will scream if I don't hold him when he wants.  He seems to be feeling better though I guess. The coughing has improved greatly and he doesn't seem to get as tired as he did before.  He got up really early this morning and refused to go back to sleep so of course he fell asleep before lunch and then would not nap after lunch so it has been sort of a long afternoon.  Today is Bob's first day back at the office in over a month.  At first it was a little difficult having him work at home while we were all here, but we adjusted and now we miss him.  We miss having lunch as a family and I miss that he would work until 4:30 or whenever and just be home.  Now, he'll work until 4:30 and then have an hour drive home.  Stinks.  But I'm sure he is enjoying the peace and quiet at work.  The kids actually did amazingly well with him here (after the first couple of days).  They didn't really bother him during the day while he was working and were relatively well behaved most of the time.  I am busy scrambling trying to get a million things done this month, all the extra forms for the end of the year that I have to do for my clients...January is not my favorite month, but I'm slowly crossing things off my to-do list.  We've been spending most of our time inside lately but I'm hopeful that once Bryce is completely better we'll get outside and burn off some energy.  (this is a really boring post I just realized...maybe I'll have something more exciting to write soon...but for now this is all I have!)

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