Monday, January 31, 2011

major mind block...

10 days and seems I am reverting back to my old ways.  To be honest...I am tired, tired of my kids not sleeping through the night, tired of living in various states of chaos, and most definitely tired of winter and these gloomy days.  I just honestly don't have a lot to say.  I'm working 3 bookkeeping jobs and while none of them are a ton of hours combined  they are enough to suck any remaining energy I have out of me.  The kids are doing well (probably better than I am honestly) as I type they are jumping and dancing around the living room.  We spent a lot of the weekend clearing out our house.  Getting rid of the clutter and minutiae is such an amazing feeling.  For now, it is just being stored at another place (THANKS Bob & Nancy!) but as I climbed into bed last night I realized how peaceful I felt just because when I looked around our room I didn't see clutter.  There wasn't jewelry strewn across my dresser, there were no clothes on the floor or jammed in the closet or sitting on the treadmill (which I swear I'm going to use again soon).  We still have a few rooms to simplify/organize (the kids rooms and the kitchen) but we are definitely making progress.  Maybe a clear room will clear my head and allow me to create something on these pages.  Anything you guys would like to see here?  I've been reading a bit (it seems to be the only thing that helps me sleep) so I could review some of the books I've read anyone interested in that?  Give me some suggestions and I can write about them...anything you want to know about me?  I'm a mostly open book ;)  So lets hear it...what do you guys want to read about?

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Anonymous said...

HOW TO BAKE A CAKE! That is what I need to know. Sam is going to have her first big girl party next month and I want to make an amazing cake but I have NO IDEA where to begin.
SO since you are a cake GENIUS I need you to find some reason to make one of your major cake creations and document the whole process. OR just think back to a cake you have made and give me step by step instructions for how you did it. If you were closer I would probably be BEGGING you to let me pay you to make it for me!
So if you have time I would love to hear how to make a cake with a pond/nature/animal theme!