Wednesday, January 19, 2011

indoor snow day...

As promised the kids got to play in the snow today, I just didn't have to bundle them up to do it!  Abbie at Greening Sam and Avery brought snow into the tub and let her girls play in it the other day and I thought that would be perfect for us to do today.  I like playing in the snow, but I really hate being cold, so my kids definitely don't get as much snow time as they probably should, plus  I'm still being a bit cautious with Bryce because of the potential pneumonia, he seems completely fine but apparently I'm still a bit shaken about it.  But this seemed perfect for us, it wasn't a big deal if someone wanted to stop playing in the snow, there was no trying to get them to stay out longer to make it worth the hassle of getting dressed up, and if they wanted to come back to it, great.  The kids played for quite a while and had a blast throwing snowballs at the wall and seeing how big the snow mountain could get before it fell over.  I was going to get some toys out for them, but they didn't need them they were plenty occupied with just building with their hands.  Abbie also had a suggestion about coloring the snow outside, which I wanted to incorporate in today's playtime and thought would be fun but I didn't want food coloring staining my tub or surround walls (because they are still relatively new) and I thought Kool-Aid might stain as well (at least for a little while) so I found some tablets that we use to color the kids bath water (dollar spot at Target...woo hoo!) and dissolved those and squirted the snow with green and blue water.  I did this because I could only find one squirt bottle and I didn't want any fighting over it, the kids didn't seem to mind that I did that.  It didn't color it a ton but you could see the green and blue and the kids thought it was neat (you can see it a little bit in the pictures the snow wasn't dirty it was discolored because I made it that way!).  I will leave you with some pictures of our tub snow play (don't mind my dirty tub...YIKES!).  Thanks again Abbie for the great suggestion!!
snow, snow, snow!!
snow mountain
happy kiddos in ill-fitting gloves
pointing to the green snow
throwing snowballs
our snow head

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! That is awesome. You can totally tell from the pictures they are having so much fun!