Wednesday, January 19, 2011

today might be in danger...

You know your day might be off to the wrong start when you are sitting on the couch at 7am and you suddenly get a whiff of something  that does not smell pleasant. Then you look up and your sons hands are covered in poop.  Oh yes, that is how my day started.  Not sure why he decided to put his hands down his diaper, but I hope whatever possessed him to do it, never possesses him again.  Thankfully, he didn't touch anything and I got his hands cleaned up before he really even had the chance to touch anything, but seriously, WHY does he do things like that?  Ugh!  Anyway, I'm working really hard to prove that was not a sign of how the day would go and so far we've had a good morning.  Brianna slept late this morning and when she got up Bryce was so excited to see her, gave her a hug asked her if she slept well, gave her a kiss and then tucked the blanket around her on the couch, it was sweet.  We went out and ran some errands and the kids were fantastic and they are now watching Toy Story 3 (for about the 8 millionth time since Thanksgiving) until lunch.  After naps I'm planning on using Abbie's idea and bringing the snow inside.  I feel much better today but still not 100% and I'm not really wanting to get bundled up to play in the snow, so this seems like a good option.  I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully will be back with some pictures. Lets hope the afternoon goes better than the morning started!

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Anonymous said...

How are we down in the dumps at the same time? Oh if we could only live close enough that we could just plop our kids in a room together to entertain each other so we could nap!
On the pooping story...that sucks! I found Sam in the bathroom today during nap time and she was proud to show me that she had pooped and wiped all by herself. But she hadn't really wiped and somehow managed to get the poop on her underwear (duh!), pants (okay possible), socks (WHAT?) and all over the floor! (GROSS!) I was too confused to really yell at her.
Cleaning up other people's poop is possibly the worst part of our job, at least I think!