Thursday, December 16, 2010


Since we got back from my parents on Monday Bryce has not slept well.  He will wake up and refuse to go back to sleep.  I'm usually a fan of cry it out, but this child is stubborn.  He will scream until you go in his room.  So, instead of letting him sleep in our bed, we have been going in his room and sleeping on the futon.  He has also been refusing to sleep in his bed and will instead sleep on the futon.  So last night I went in there, unfolded the futon and laid down with him.  I swear that 25lb boy is really a 400lb man.  He takes up SO much room!  I got sleep in about 10 minute spurts because he flails around so much I was constantly getting a foot to the face, elbows to the abdomen, fingers trying to poke out my eyes.  Very restful as you might imagine.  And when he is not trying to injure me, he is trying to fall off the side of the futon.  I'd startle awake and see him with his body hanging off the futon, of course head first so I'd pull him back on the bed which led to an additional 15 minutes of flailing around.  In addition to all of this fun the kid snores and talks in his sleep like crazy.  It is crazy. AND if that wasn't enough, usually if he wakes up before I do he starts using me as a jungle gym and climbing, standing and even jumping all over me!  So if you ever run into me and I have a black eye or a giant bruise on my arm, just know that I didn't get into a fight I was trying to be a good mom and comforting my child while he attempted to sleep.  For this morning I'm sitting with a giant cup of coffee and knowing it was all worth while because this morning he woke up, put his little hand on my face, and said "nice mama".

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