Wednesday, December 01, 2010

oh december...i would like to be friends...

I started this week so hopeful.  I was ready to tackle the cleaning, baking and cooking that accompany having a birthday party for a certain (almost) 2 year old.  I was excited to make his cake and get the Christmas decorations up.  Well, the decorations are up but the house is a disaster (it is slowly getting better, mostly because of my wonderful husband), we still haven't unpacked from the weekend, Bryce has croup and the medicine that is supposed to be making him feel better is mostly just making him crabby.  And not, I don't feel well so I'm, I mean a raging, out-of-control, screaming kind of crabby.  And I am just tired.  I want to curl up in a ball and have someone wake me when the sun is shining and no one is sick and my house is that too much to ask?  Yeah...I thought so too! :)  To make myself feel better I've been entering the last month I've won an amazing set of blocks for Bryce (thanks Greening Sam and Avery for helping out Santa) and a Tiger Woods golf shirt for Bob.  I've entered probably 10 contests all for the same book, The Beauty of Different.  A bit obsessive...maybe, but I REALLY want this book.  Lets be honest I'll probably go buy it if I don't win one, but everything I've read about it makes me feel like I need to have this book in my possession. I'm sure I've used up my contest luck, but heck I'm going to keep trying.  I guess I should go attempt to clean something and then head to bed early (wishful thinking) and tomorrow will be a better day full of cleaning, cooking and baking!  Happy December everyone! :)    

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