Monday, December 20, 2010

friday was better...

On Friday I did manage to only check my email right away in the morning and then the kids and I played in Bryce's room until lunchtime.  We built things with blocks, played cars, put puzzles together, read books and watched a movie.  There was only a little fighting.  That is not to say the entire day went smoothly and that the time I spend working on the computer is the source of all our problems, it certainly isn't.  Our afternoons are always the roughest part of the day, I'm not sure why...but we/I always struggle during that time.  My patience seems shorter the kids seem crabbier, I don't know what our issue is but we definitely struggle.  Maybe we need a little more structure in our afternoon?  It is just hard because Bryce's naps are so sporadic lately so I never know if/when and for how long he'll nap.  Friday was no different, we had our moments and dinner again was a disaster.  But when everyone was finally down for the night I felt good about the day.  I guess that is a step in the right direction.

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