Monday, December 20, 2010

first christmas celebration of 2010...

Yesterday was the first of our Christmas celebrations for this year.  We went to Bob and Nancy's (in-laws for those of you who are new here) to celebrate with the Caruso side of the family.  There was lots of good food and conversation and the kids enjoyed playing with each other.  My favorite part of the celebration was that it wasn't focused around presents.  Yes, there were presents for the kids, which they of course loved, but it was more just centered around being together and being a family.  Obviously presents are a big part of Christmas, I am just as guilty of it as anyone...(I'll take a picture Christmas morning to prove it to you), but I love when the bigger picture comes shining though.  I feel so very blessed to not only have the family that I was born into but also the one I married into.  We are surrounded by such love and support and that was pretty evident to me yesterday.  Christmas is here...I feel it.  (I have no pictures...sorry!)

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