Monday, November 08, 2010

we're going on a bug hunt...

While in St. Louis at my sister's I figured it was the perfect time to use the prizes I won for the August Challenge over at Greening Sam and Avery.  The kids were all very excited to go on a bug hunt!  They were a little frustrated at first because they weren't catching anything (since most of the bugs we were finding were crickets).  But after I caught a cricket and they got to take a look at it, they excitedly started looking for other bugs.  In the end we really only caught a cricket and a grasshopper, but the kids loved looking at them and pointing out the eyes, etc.  I don't really know much about bugs but I told them what I knew.  They had a blast!  We didn't end up taking our walk to collect leaves and identify them with the other prize, so that will have to wait until spring, but the kids enjoyed looking through the leaves and pointing out the differences.  Thanks Greening Sam and Avery for such an amazing prize!!

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