Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Angie and Nick had plans to go to Riverside Casino to celebrate their anniversary.  They asked us if we'd like to go with them, so we decided as an early Christmas present to ourselves we would go.  Mom offered to watch the kids so we could have a relaxing weekend.  We headed there on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  After we got there we hung out in the room for a while, made ourselves some drinks and played some cards.  We eventually went down to eat some dinner and hit up the casino.  Unfortunately, Friday night I left the casino having lost about $4 (Bob lost $10).  I am not joking when I tell you that we were all sleeping by about 10pm on Friday night.  Saturday the boys had planned to play some golf and Angie and I were set to do some shopping and pamper ourselves with manicures and pedicures.  After we got back to the hotel we went back down to the casino where I won $100!  WooHoo I was so excited.  Angie and Nick insisted on taking us to dinner to thank me for watching the boys so we got dressed up and headed down to the restaurant.  The food was incredible, we were all stuffed by the time we left.  Bob was too full to even try the dessert (so you know he was full).  I think we again were asleep by like 10pm  (we are nothing if not exciting!).  Sunday we hit up the casino again before we left where we lost half of the money that I won the day before, but hey we still came out ahead so I was just fine with that!  It was a great weekend and so fun to spend some time with my sister and Nick.  Thanks again for letting us tag along guys! :)

Happy 7th Anniversary Angie & Nick!!

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