Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my kids...

There are so many things about my kids at this age that I want to remember (and some that I want to forget).  Bryce's little personality is developing more and more and it is so fun to watch and Brianna, well what can I say about her...she is 5 going on 15...I am in trouble!

Bryce now tries to get attention anytime he does anything.  He will color a picture and hold it up and say "made it!"  and will continue to say it until you acknowledge his picture then he beams with pride.  When he does something like buckle himself in his booster seat or picks up something he'll say "high 5" and you have to high five him...he will wait until you do.  He loves to laugh and run and get into things...he is talking all the time now, his laughter is completely contagious, I dare you not to laugh when he is laughing.  He is just a sweet boy with a stubborn streak and he knows how to melt his mama's heart.

Brianna is a sweet girl she told me the other day that what she really wanted for Christmas is to spend time with her whole family.  She loves puzzles and books and clothes...oh dear lord.  The girl changes her clothes about 5 times a day, and she is always dressed completely inappropriately for the weather, skirts and tank tops in November, but don't try telling her to put on long pants or long sleeves, you will have a major fight on your hands...it is all about looking cute.  She struts around like a model and says the craziest things that leave Bob and I with our mouths hanging open looking at each other like "did she just say that".  She loves her brother to pieces, even though he is not always nice to her, she hugs and kisses him anytime he'll let her.

Sometimes I lay in bed recounting all the ways I have failed, I yelled too much, I didn't play with them enough, etc (this list could go on forever).  I pray for more patience, to do better tomorrow.  But looking beyond the day to day, at the big picture I look at the people they are becoming and I know that I'm doing OK.

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