Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sleep disturbances...

I think we need to get Brianna a twin bed.  Not because she has outgrown the bed she is in now, but because when she crawls into our bed I have somewhere to sleep!  It doesn't happen often but when it does, man I get no sleep when either kid is in bed with us.  I struggle with what to do, because sometimes she is genuinely scared and doesn't want to be two flights of stairs (albeit small flights) away from us.  Plus, the horrible drawback of a tri-level house is that the lowest level is freezing during the winter, so I sometimes (just SOMETIMES) feel bad for her.  But when she is in our bed I am constantly being kicked in the back, face and generally just pushed out of bed.  It does not make for a great night of sleep, especially for someone that doesn't get a lot of sleep anyway.  Normally I (or Bob) walk her back to her room and tuck her back in, but sometimes we are either too tired to take her back downstairs or I don't realize she is there until I get kicked, elbowed or laid on.  I think Bryce is even worse than Brianna, that kid doesn't stay still even in sleep!  Plus they both have this habit of laying across the bed (essentially making an H with us and said child).  Bob and I are usually clutching to the edge of the bed, and it isn't even like we have a small bed, it is a king sized bed!  How can people so small take up so much room?  (can you tell this is what happened last night?) 

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