Monday, November 22, 2010

the fuzzy line of censoring...

I've written several posts over the last few weeks and either deleted them or they are sitting in my draft folder.  I am a serial people-pleaser and am constantly worried about how others are judging me.  So, when I write a post all of these thoughts run through my head, is it funny enough, will anyone like it, will anyone be offended, am I sharing too much,  will anyone relate, is it written well enough and most of all will anyone read it and come back to read more.  Does anyone else deal with this?  I started this blog as a way to keep family and friends updated on our little family, but after 5 years it is becoming more about me, the person I am at this moment.  The struggles and triumphs, successes and failures, the good AND the bad.  My hope is that one day my kids will read through this and understand a little more about who their mom is, and for me this is a little like my form of therapy.  I have a post sitting in my draft folder that I want to publish, but I'm afraid of how it will be received.  I think tomorrow I will just suck it up and publish it...what is the worst that can happen? 

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Dawn said...

It is funny enough, I do like it, I am not offended, you are not sharing too much, I do relate (to some things more than others of course), it is written well and I do read it and come back to read more. (Thank you copy and paste - I wouldn't have been able to answer all of those questions from memory. :)

Love you!