Saturday, November 20, 2010

i did it...sort of...

I didn't really go into details about my big sewing fail the other day, mostly because it is embarrassing that I could not for the life of me figure out the threading of the bobbin and thread.  It seriously took me about 2 hours to do that.  Then I kept forgetting to put the little foot thing down so I had a big mess on my hands and some wasted thread.  When I FINALLY got everything going on Sunday and even was making some pretty straight stitches, I realized that I was sewing the back of the shirt to the front...oops!  My mom is an amazing sewer, as in...made clothes for us and for our dolls and even whipped up a dress for me to wear to a wedding the weekend before the wedding, amazing kind of sewer.  Anyway, Sunday's debacle left me a little gunshy to try again (and I've been busy) so tonight I tried again.  And we have a semi-success.  The stitching is not great (not straight and too far away from the edge of the material, but it is wearable for my kid!  :)

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Abbie said...

It is adorable! I love it. I gave up with my sewing machine years ago and now the one that I have inherited from my grandmother is in serious need of repair.
Great work!