Monday, July 12, 2010

lots of work and a fun filled weekend...

In addition to the old catch-up posts that are scheduled to post I'm going to try to keep up and post some stuff that is going on now. So you will be jumping back and forth from the past to the present...that should be fun for you!

This past weekend we were actually home! I took us a while to get used to it too. We definitely made the most of it trying to pack in as much stuff as we could! A few weeks ago, Bob and Nancy (Bob's parents for those of you who don't know)saw a swing set up at the lake that one of Grandma's neighbors was giving away. They called to ask us if we wanted it and we said Of Course! (free is our favorite price!). So last week Bob(dad) went up there and dismantled the whole thing and drove it to our house. On Friday when Bob was off work, his mom and dad came over. We spent the morning putting together the swing set and surprised the kids with it when it was all assembled. It is perfect and the kids love it. I have video of Brianna's reaction in seeing it. She just ran over to her daddy and gave him a big hug and then ran over to me and gave me a hug too! They are really enjoying having swings in the yard. After we had some lunch and put Bryce down for a nap, we decided to do some landscaping. We have a few bushes that were 1/2 dead and just overgrown for the space so we removed them, along with trimming the bushes we kept and trimming the trees as well. It was hot, but we got a lot done and we were happy with the results! Friday night we all but collapsed in our beds. Saturday we decided to go see Toy Story 3. The kids were pretty good during the whole thing and I personally loved the movie. Very cute, funny, and sweet. I'm sure that will become part of our dvd collection! Sunday, Brianna had a playdate with 2 of her friends from preschool. She had a blast playing with the girls and was super tired by the end of the day. We had a busy weekend, but it was filled with laughing, smiling, and a whole lot of fun. It was truly a weekend where I appreciated all the small things!

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