Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend with the creech's...

Angie, Nick and the boys came up to visit the 2nd weekend in June. We decided we were going to head up to Bob's grandma's house in Powers Lake, WI for the weekend. The kids could swim and play on the beach and we could do the same. We got up there about 4 on Friday afternoon, Angie and I went for a run and the kids played in the lake. We had dinner and hung out assuming we would have the rest of the weekend to play in the water. Well Mother Nature had other plans. Saturday it was rainy and cold all day. We did end up going in the water for a little while...but it was very cold, so it didn't last long. The kids watched movies and played puzzles and ate junk food, and the adults played cards and ate junk food. Saturday night after we had hosed down the kids Bryce fell and hit his head on the piano. He got a good sized goose-egg right away, he seemed like himself and didn't lose consciousness but we decided to play on the safe side of things and head to the ER anyway. The doctor's said his exam seemed fine, but to keep an eye on him. We could have pushed for a CT scan but he was throwing a ball, talking and walking just fine so we took him back to the lake. I woke him up every three hours to make sure he was still OK. It is really hard to wake up a 1 year old when they don't want to be woken up. We made it through the night just fine, but he woke up with croup...of course! Sunday was more of the yucky cold weather so we didn't get much swim time...but the kids had a lot of fun together and so did the adults, we played many games of euchre! All-in-all a great trip to the lake, if you disregard the weather and the ER trip :)!

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