Friday, July 23, 2010

great new blog...

We are heading to Iowa today for my cousin Carl's wedding, and since I have nothing interesting going on in our lives to share...I will direct you to a website far more entertaining and smarter than mine! My friend Abbie has started this blog, Greening Sam and Avery. She has great projects that she has adapted for her young girls it is a great resource for teaching kids about the environment. Go check it out, I promise it will make you want to go out and learn more about the environment that surrounds you! Happy reading and happy weekend to you all!


Anonymous said...

Oh! You are too sweet. Thanks for the link love!
And look at all the changes over here. LOVE the new background, too cute.
Hope you have a great weekend, you guys never get to go to weddings so this will be such a treat!

amber said...

Abbie you totally cracked me up with your comment. We have ONE more wedding in September and then we are done for the year. A grand total of 4 this year. :) Only one on the books for next year so far!