Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a craft semi-success...

Brianna and I were making a trip to Michaels, I was getting a few things to put the finishing touches on some things I was working on (I will post details at a later date, as they are sort-of gifts) and she wanted to make something with me. So we looked around and found some flip-flops that we could decorate. Perfect craft for my little shoe lover! We started off and I realized the little string they had to hold the flower onto the flip-flop wasn't going to work very well. I decided to try hot glue. Well...that apparently doesn't work very well either, because the flowers were off in a matter of hours. Oh well, she still wears the flip-flops and they looked cute for a little while! We had fun making them together so that, in my book, makes it a semi-success! :)

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