Wednesday, July 21, 2010

afternoon at the lake...

Since Bob has Fridays off this summer, we've been trying to do some family stuff on the weekends that we are home. This past Friday we decided to head up to Powers Lake to spend some time in the water and the sand. Nancy and Bob met up with us there and we had a fun, relaxing afternoon. Brianna and I spent some time finding pretty rocks and looking at snail shells. We found a shell with a snail still inside and we looked at it for a little bit and then put it back in the water. Hopefully we didn't disturb him too much. We also just floated for a little while in the water, talking and was a great family day! (photos taken and shared with me by Nancy!)

This is a terrible picture of me but I'm posting it anyway because it is one of the rare pictures of me with my family.

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Anonymous said...

Brianna looks so OLD floating there on that raft.