Saturday, November 28, 2009

gobble gobble...

Happy Thanksgiving...a couple days late.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy birthday little angel...

I just wanted to write a short post in honor of my little cousin Ian on his 5th birthday (well a couple days late).
On November 10, 2004 he was born, 15 weeks premature. From the moment he was born he was surrounded by love. He has two amazing parents that love him so very much as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...the list goes on and on. He fought the best that he could...but because of his prematurity, his tiny body just could not take it. On November 11, 2004 Ian got his angel wings. It has been 5 years, but are just as much loved today as you were the day you took your first breath. I know you are up there in heaven with Papa Joe and I'm sure he has found you some M&M's (or Skittles) to help celebrate your birthday.

Dale, Suzanne, & McKenna~ you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your strength amazes and inspires me. I love you all!

Happy Birthday Ian with much love from us all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

and the winner is...

First of all...thank you for all of your suggestions. I got several emails with suggestions along with the ones posted in the comments. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to...

links of love

I am getting ready to take some new pictures and upload them. I know there isn't much there yet, but take a look around...I would love to hear your comments/criticisms, etc.

Thank you to Sarah and Linda for this suggestion. Watch your mailbox in the next week or so for your prize! :)

Thank you again to everyone for your help...this has been extremely stressful (not sure why) but now that it is out there...I feel relieved and excited. Thanks again!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

calling all creative minds...

I need your help. Bob's work is having a craft show/fair thingy in December and he is going to sell my jewelry there. I want to have business cards made up to put along with the necklaces/bracelets, in case anyone wants more personalized pieces. Anyway, here is my problem...I for the life of me cannot come up with a name for my jewelry. So, here is where you come in. Leave me a comment with your suggestion(s) and email address and if I like yours and use it...I will send you a necklace (or bracelet if you prefer). I've come up with nothing good so far and my brain is completely blocked on your help would be much appreciated.

Monday, November 02, 2009

weekend recap...

Another weekend has come and gone. It started a bit frantic with getting Brianna to school on Friday (after having miss the rest of the week due to being sick) and Bob taking Bryce back to the doctor (and we were worried about having money left in our flex account at the end of the year...ha!) where he had a breathing treatment at the office and then was sent home with prescriptions for more. I stayed home and ran about packing everything up and cleaning up so we could leave as soon as Brianna was done with school. We got her picked up and then went to pick up Bryce's prescriptions. (Which they messed up...that is a whole other post). Finally an hour after we left home we were on our way to Iowa. We helped my parents move into their new house (yay!) and then took the kids trick-or-treating. Saturday was exhausting, but it was amazing to see all the people that came to help mom and dad moved. They are loved! (I already knew that :), but it was great to see so many people help out. Sunday we helped move around some furniture and unpacked a few boxes and then we headed out to meet up with some friends to have another go at trick-or-treating. Everyone had a ton of fun. We finally got back home last night about 10:30ish. I'm still tired. Anyway, it was a great weekend and I'm uploading pictures as you read, but I'll leave you with this one of my little monkey and my cheerleader. Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. to hide some of this candy in the freezer! :) Have a great week everyone!