Monday, November 02, 2009

weekend recap...

Another weekend has come and gone. It started a bit frantic with getting Brianna to school on Friday (after having miss the rest of the week due to being sick) and Bob taking Bryce back to the doctor (and we were worried about having money left in our flex account at the end of the year...ha!) where he had a breathing treatment at the office and then was sent home with prescriptions for more. I stayed home and ran about packing everything up and cleaning up so we could leave as soon as Brianna was done with school. We got her picked up and then went to pick up Bryce's prescriptions. (Which they messed up...that is a whole other post). Finally an hour after we left home we were on our way to Iowa. We helped my parents move into their new house (yay!) and then took the kids trick-or-treating. Saturday was exhausting, but it was amazing to see all the people that came to help mom and dad moved. They are loved! (I already knew that :), but it was great to see so many people help out. Sunday we helped move around some furniture and unpacked a few boxes and then we headed out to meet up with some friends to have another go at trick-or-treating. Everyone had a ton of fun. We finally got back home last night about 10:30ish. I'm still tired. Anyway, it was a great weekend and I'm uploading pictures as you read, but I'll leave you with this one of my little monkey and my cheerleader. Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. to hide some of this candy in the freezer! :) Have a great week everyone!

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