Thursday, November 05, 2009

calling all creative minds...

I need your help. Bob's work is having a craft show/fair thingy in December and he is going to sell my jewelry there. I want to have business cards made up to put along with the necklaces/bracelets, in case anyone wants more personalized pieces. Anyway, here is my problem...I for the life of me cannot come up with a name for my jewelry. So, here is where you come in. Leave me a comment with your suggestion(s) and email address and if I like yours and use it...I will send you a necklace (or bracelet if you prefer). I've come up with nothing good so far and my brain is completely blocked on your help would be much appreciated.


daintydoughnuts said...

Rock Candy!

Sarah Weipert said...

Okay, I have a couple ideas:
"Full Circle Jewelry"
"Links of Love"
or I was trying to think of a play on words indicating it is your therapy, like "Clasping Therapy" or "Clasping Reality", but I cannot quite get it right. Maybe you can think of something better...
Good luck,