Monday, July 31, 2006

days go by....

Enjoy the little montage of Brianna's first year. Yes, I know that she isn't one for 2 more days, but turning one is cause for more than a one day celebration. :) Make sure you check out her little post of the weekend events below. Hope you enjoy watching our little one grow (in a slightly condensed version!) as much as we have!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

its my party...

Hi everybody! Its been a while since I have written, but mommy said since I'm almost 1 I could try another one! Yesterday was my birthday party. Lots of people came...and it was a lot of fun. Before the party mommy, daddy, Uncle Nick, and Aunt Angie took me and Braden to get our pictures taken together. We didn't really want to do that so we just sat there and didn't smile, and they eventually gave up and we didn't have to sit in the hot room anymore. Maybe we can try again later, but we just really didn't want to have our pictures taken yesterday. So we came home and got ready for the party. Mommy made lots of food, and she made a special ducky cake just for me. (It looked kinda weird, but she tried hard and I love her for that!) I got to eat it while everyone watched, (I only ate the frosting! :) )
I was very messy and right after I was done daddy gave me a bath. Then I came back to the party and got to open presents. Everyone was very nice to me, and I got a whole bunch of cool toys and cute clothes. I can't wait to wear all the clothes, and play with the toys (although I've played with a lot of them already!) Well...I haven't slept much this weekend, so I'm going to go...I'm very tired. Mommy put lots of pictures up(thanks Stephie), check them out here. Talk to you all soon, I'm sure mommy will write again soon. Thanks again to everyone who came to my party. I've gotta nap now...night, night!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

visitors from another planet....uhh..i mean state

Hello All! We had a fun weekend, with lots of visitors. Friday Dale, Suzanne, & McKenna, along with Jill, Chris, & unborn Baby Curry all stayed at our place Amanda also came over to hang out. It was a pretty laid back evening and we even got to play Scene It Friends edition. Apparently they all think I watch too much TV and decided They would be one team while I was my own. 6 on 1...real fair. I was up 7 to 1 at one I guess I do watch too much TV :)
Anyway, it was lots of fun. Saturday Bob and Chris played golf, and Dale, Suzanne, & McKenna left to go visit some friends in Algonquin. Jill, Brianna, & I went shopping for a while and then we all just relaxed for the rest of the day. It was a pretty laid back weekend at home, with great company. Amazingly enough...I took absolutely no pictures while everyone was here, there are a few "new" pictures... (new as in the last 2 weeks or so). Hope everyone is well and we hope to see you soon! All our Love!

Dale, Suzanne, McKenna, Jill, Chris, & Baby Curry~ Thanks for visiting was tons of fun!

Jeff, Susan, & Ethan~ Congrats on the birth of your new baby girl, Rachel. She is a cutie pie, can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy 4th of july!!

Can you believe it is July already? And Miss Brianna's 1st birthday is just around the corner. Its amazing that she is almost one already. She has quite the little personality. She thinks it is very funny when mommy tells her "no". Of course everyone thinks its hilarious when she gives me that little smile when I tell her no. Apparently those things are funny when its not your kid! But overall she is a pretty good little girl.

We spent the weekend in Iowa. My Uncle Denny & Aunt Glady had a little gathering to celebrate their 35th anniversary and also to celebrate McKenna's journey and also the birth of the newest addition to their family little Sophia. It was so great to see everyone, all the little ones are growing so fast! There are some new pictures in the July 2006 album.

Speaking of the new pictures...I need to explain a couple of them. In a few of the pictures Brianna & Braden are wearing the "other" Chicago baseball team's hat. Now, the Carroll's and the Creech's are in no way, shape, or form fans of "that" team. (I can't even say the may cause my laptop to crash and be rendered useless, much like the team) :) Anyway, my Aunt Jean & Uncle Vic thought it would be funny to put the kids in those hats. By the looks of the pictures however, the kids were as unhappy as their daddy's were when they found out about the pictures! :)

Well, I should probalby end for tonight...I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th! Have a great week at work! Our love to all!