Sunday, August 20, 2006

brianna update & last post of the day!

OK, so one last post. Brianna went to the allergist last Monday, where we found out she is in fact allergic to milk/dairy. So, the first week has been pretty strange trying to figure out all the stuff she can't eat, because I think we (or at least I) didn't realize how much stuff has dairy products in it. The doctor said he wasn't overly concerned about her, (in fact he was quite shocked that she was allergic since she has been on milk based formula since she was born and has eaten ice cream, cheese, etc without incident), but he wants to be very cautious with her, given her history of breathing issues, etc. But good news is that she seems to like soy milk, so I guess that is a plus. Her pediatrician called us last Friday and let us know that her iron isn't as low as initially thought, but we do have to have her on an iron supplement every day. Other than that she seems to be doing quite well and I think she wants me to stop being on the computer because I think she has succeeded in pulling every single game we own off the shelf and has throw 3 decks of cards in the garbage, so I'd better get back to her. Hope all is well with everyone and I promise to try to do better about the posting. Our love to all

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