Thursday, June 22, 2006

how did mom have 2 of us so close together??

So, I told you the other day there was an incident at the grocery store this past weekend. So, now that I can think about it without my heart beating at an alarming rate, I decided to share my little story. Saturday mornings Bob usually golfs with his dad and brother (when we're in town, which lately has not been that often), this Saturday was no different, other than the fact that we were having guests pretty much all weekend long, starting shortly after Bob finished his round of golf. We spent much of the week preparing for our guest, cleaning, doing laundry, making grocery lists, and deciding what foods to make. Friday we ran out of time to actually do the grocery shopping, so I decided that I would take Brianna on Saturday while Bob was golfing,(Side note...Bob does 99% of the grocery shopping in our house) as I needed to go out to get some things anyway. So Saturday morning, Brianna and I headed off to Super Target, figuring we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Unfortunately, by the time I had gotten everything else on the list, there was no room in the cart for any sort of groceries, and during this time, Brianna thought it was fun to take things out of my purse, play with them and then drop them on the floor. Needless to say, mommy didn't find this game so fun. I must note that she wasn't screaming, crying, or anything else, just dropping things, so I was a little upset with myself for feeling very frustrated with her, but I was really only frustrated because everything was taking me 5 times longer than normal. (I realize this happens when you have kids, so stop laughing at me) Anyway, I had decided to skip the groceries and wait until Bob got home to send him out after groceries or to have him watch her while I went back out to get the groceries. On the way home, we passed the grocery store and I decided I was already out, the list wasn't that long, I should just get the groceries now and be done with it. So, we got out to get groceries. This was a mistake. After about 1 hour in the grocery store to pick up about 30 things, we finally headed to the checkout line, my patience very thin...again, not because she was doing anything wrong, just because it took so long, and the dropping game was getting VERY old by this point. The checkout lady asked if I had a Jewel (thats the grocery store) card, and of course I do, its right there on my key chain....wait....where are my keys? Oh no, Brianna must have dropped them...I am frantically looking for them, when I spot them...the are stuck between her belly and the front of the cart, whew...crisis averted. So then the lady asks for my ID to purchase the beer I was buying (and at this point really wanted to open!) just a second, its right here in my purse...wait....where is my wallet? Oh my gosh...she really did drop my wallet!! I'm frantically looking in the cart as I'm getting annoyed looks from the people in my checkout line. wallet. I grab Brianna out of the cart and start running up and down the aisles looking for my wallet...there is nothing, I go to customer service, ask if anyone turned in a wallet...nope, nothing like that here. The manager asks me if the wallet could be down Brianna's outfit, again with an annoyed look on her face, I wanted to punch her in the face....hello, its a wallet...its not small! I again start looking up and down the aisles, go back to customer service...again nothing. I go out to my car, in tears to look there, nope nothing...meanwhile I call Bob and he is on his way to the store but won't be there for about 30 minutes or so. Oh, and did I mention that during all of this I'm also carrying Brianna who now weighs over 20lbs and also that I got maybe 3 hours of sleep the night before...I'm tired. I tell the manager my husband is coming to pay for the stuff and she asks if I want to keep looking in the aisles, what else am I going to do? So I ask again, are you sure no one turned anything in...holding out hope that there are good people in the world. So she goes to it is! I let out a breath, and realize I've kind of been holding my breath for the last 30 minutes. She hands it to me and says "I don't know if anything is missing" I anxiously open it, afraid of what I might find, or not find...and there it is, my driver's license, my credit cards, my atm card, my cash...all where I had left it. So back through the checkout we went.

So to that wonderfully kind person who turned in my wallet, thank you. You made one very frazzled mommy very happy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I guess it made it all worth while when on Saturday night Brianna said her real first word...mommy.
Yeah right in my dream world, well, she did say her first word, but of course she said daddy! She can say nothing that even remotely sounds like mommy.

But it was actually very cute, she was sitting on the couch with me, Bob was sitting on the floor in front of her when she tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and she said da-deeeee!

OK, sorry for the long winded post, but its my blog and I'll make my posts as long as I want to! :)

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