Tuesday, June 13, 2006

have you missed us?

Yes, I know...I know...its been a while. But I've finally got some new pictures. Brianna is getting pretty big now, and while she's not yet crawling, she sure does seem to get into a lot of stuff! This past weekend Brianna & I went with Amanda and her mom to the Wilton tent sale (if you don't know, Wilton makes cooking/baking supplies) I was thinking about what kind of cake to make Brianna for her birthday and while walking up and down the aisles I spotted a 3-D duck. Well, Brianna saw it and immediately got this huge smile on her face and was laughing and playing with the box. I almost couldn't get it away from her to pay for it! So, I bought it and decided to do a trial run to see if it would actually work for her birthday. It actually didn't turn out half bad. It will hopefully be decorated much better for her birthday( I only had chocolate frosting in the house), but Bob made me take a picture of the practice one before he started eating it!

Anyway, I've got a bunch of stuff to do around the house tonight, and its almost bath & bed time. But there are some new pictures in the June 2006 album. Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far. Our love to all!!

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