Monday, May 29, 2006

2 in one day...aren't you lucky?

As I said in the previous post, it was a long week last week. Besides flying back Monday morning and going to work, we took Brianna to the doctor, because she's had a rash that we couldn't get rid of and also started wheezing a bit on Friday. Well, by the time we got her to the doctor on Tuesday, her wheezing had worsened, and she almost ended up in the hospital because her blood oxygen wasn't going up. In the end she didn't have to go to the hospital, and is doing much better now. She is on a few medications (she also had an ear infection), but is doing much better. So, like I said...long week.

So, as you can see we got Brianna her own little pool yesterday. She's a little too young to use some of the stuff, but she seemed to like it. We don't have much planned for today, probably taking Brianna back out into the pool. Well, I guess I should get some stuff done around the house. Have a great day! Love to you all!

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