Saturday, March 18, 2006

the good life

As we sit here eating dinner, watching Harry Potter, with Brianna fast asleep in her crib, I can't help but think about how very lucky we are. I was giving Brianna her bath tonight, and actually letting her play in the tub, without hurrying through the whole process, because we needed to get ready to leave for somewhere or needing to hurry to get her ready for bed. As I sat back and watched her play, laughing and splashing and reaching for her tub toys, I realized that it was moments like this that make life so wonderful. Its strange that such a run-of-the-mill thing brought this on, and I guess not many 25 (OK, almost 26) year olds would find a night of baths, bedtime stories, and Harry Potter exciting, but to me, this was an absolutely perfect night. I guess maybe I've been working so much that I was thinking of these things as just things I needed to do, without really enjoying them. I don't mean to take these things for granted, but sometimes after 11 hour days, I just want to fall into bed at night. But then I see that little girl smile at me, and the stress of the day just melts away. I know these things all the time, but sometimes you just need a moment like the one I had tonight to stop and say "this is the good life".

Dawn, Jim & Baby~ You are in our thoughts and prayers, we love you so very much!

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