Sunday, December 11, 2005

the whirlwind continues...

Hi again...well, here we are, Sunday night again, and time for the weekly update! Man, the time has been going so fast, I can't belive Christmas will be here in two weeks! It was another busy weekend here. Friday night we went to dinner with Ben, Amanda, and some friends from Knox who were visiting, after dinner we went back to Ben & Amanda's, where they (not I) proceeded to play poker until 4:15am. I fell asleep on the couch with Brianna, so we got home about 5am yesterday morning! Brianna was up raring to go about 8:30 or so, so we decided to go Christmas shopping, and Brianna spent the day at Grandma & Grandpa Carroll's. She had a good time of course, and I'm sure they didn't spoil her at all, at least that is what they tell us! ;o) Today I had every intention of getting the rest of the house picked up and decorated for Christmas, along with the presents wrapped, but of course, none of the above got finished! Oh well, I played with Brianna, and spent a little time with Bob, when I could drag him away from the football games, or the computer checking on his fantasy football team! Holly, I agree, I can't wait for fantasy football to be over, lets hope they don't decide to do some other fantasy game! :o) This will be Brianna's last week at work with me :o( Bob is off starting next week through the 8th of January, and on the 9th she will start daycare. :o( I'm sure its going to be a sad day, but I know she is going to enjoy herself. Other than that, I guess there isn't much else going on, just time passing too quickly. I'm still amazed everyday how much Brianna grows and how she grows more curious everyday. She has completely turned our lives upside down, and our house has never been messier, but it also has never been filled with so much love, smiles, and laughter. Its almost bath & I guess the mess will have to wait! :o) Love to all.

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