Saturday, October 15, 2005

a weekend at home??

That's right folks we are actually spending the whole weekend at home! We were supposed to be helping Ben & Amanda move into their new house, but they found out last weekend that their closing was being moved back 2 :o( So, anyway, that freed up our weekend. Bob took Brianna up to the lake yesterday to visit Great-Grandma Caruso. Amy took Jake and Joey up there as well, so that is how we got the adorable pictures of the two of them together. Joey was born on September 18th, so he is about 6 weeks younger than Brianna. He is a doll, and I think the two of them are going to be great friends. Today we did a bunch of stuff around the house, finally got Brianna's room organized, so that feels good. And now of course it is a night filled with the White Sox and tomorrow will be filled with the Bears and the White Sox! Oh well, its nice to be able to spend some time together! And work is going well, we placed an ad on Friday to find someone to do the clerical work that I can't keep up with and to answer phones (yippee) and we've already gotten 8 resumes, so things are looking good. I really hope that someone works out because I just can't keep up anymore. They keep giving me more things to do, which is great, but then I don't have anyone to give all of my other "not-so-important" things to, so there are mounds of filing to do. But hopefully I can get everything all cleaned up for the new person when we hire them, and my life will be much less stressful (thats the hope anyway!), and tax season will run much smoother! Well, I guess thats about all that is going on here. Oh, Brianna started sucking her thumb was very cute. And she is almost ready to roll over, she has gotten so close in the last few days, its only a matter of time. There are some new pictures in the Volume 3 album as well.(I'm going to have to start a new one soon) The first few are of Brianna at work with me and then there are more pictures of her and Joey up at the lake. Have a good night everyone! GO SOX!!!

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