Wednesday, December 03, 2014

six candles on the cake...

My sweet, sweet Bryce,
SIX?!?! How can this be? How can this be your 6th birthday already? It has gone by so fast buddy. I'm not ready for you to be such a big kid. This year has been quite a big one for you so far. Lots of changes, but like always you have just rolled with the punches. Kindergarten is in full swing and you are loving every minute. It was so fun going on your field trip with you this fall and watching you with your friends. I love getting a little glimpse into your everyday. You are starting to read a lot now and you are so good at sounding out words and I love when you read to me. My favorite book to read with you is Pete the Cat and his White Shoes, we always end up laughing when we read that one. You also started soccer this year which of course you loved, and my absolute favorite thing about soccer...watching you cheer on your teammates. You were always the one yelling the loudest encouraging your teammates and cheering the biggest when your team would score, it didn't matter if you weren't the one who scored you were just genuinely happy for your team. It definitely made my heart happy to see you be such a good teammate. Right now you are in the middle of wrestling, which no surprise love. You are pretty good considering you're just learning about the sport and Daddy and I are learning right along with you. I will admit I get pretty nervous watching you. But, I know you will be fine and as long as you're having fun then that is all that matters.
So many changes this year little one, but all for the good. You are such a sweet boy with a huge heart, the most infectious smile and a giggle that you can't help but laugh with. You are a refreshing ray of sunshine and I love you more than you could possibly know.
love always,

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