Monday, January 07, 2013

possibly the year of more posts...

In addition to nurturing my friendships more, I'm going to attempt to nurture my little blog more.  It most certainly is the first thing that gets neglected when I get busy or overwhelmed, but truth is...I love writing here. On Bryce's birthday this year I looked back to the posts leading up to and immediately following his birth and was so incredibly thankful for every poorly written post.  I smiled and laughed and teared up and remembered so vividly those moments, things I probably would have forgotten.  So, I'm back on the saddle...for now at least! I'm hoping (but never really believing) that life is going to be slowing down a little now that we are settled in our house (which we still adore!) and in a pretty good routine for the moment at least.  So, my question to you is...what do you want to know?  I need to get back in the habit of regularly writing as it seems that as my company moves more into social media an insurance blog is in my future (don't'll be informative and fun...just like me!)  Also, even though I have a huge stack of books to read...what are the best books you read in 2012 that I should definitely read?  I'm half way through 11/22/63 and I love it...I may review it...but I always think my book reviews stink so we'll see.
So, the floor is yours...ask away and leave those book recommendations!

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