Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a post between cooking and baking...

Just wanted to pop on here to do my blog post for the day while I'm in between recipes!  Mashed potatoes are done! Still have dessert and scalloped potatoes left though.  It is a good thing I like being in the kitchen! It has been a crazy day trying to get everything put together for our trip to Illinois but we made it and I would really like nothing more than to curl up with my book or even just go to sleep.  But I will be glad I got everything done tonight once it is done so I'll just push on through!  I should get back to it, the longer I sit here the harder it is to get started again.  Oh, one piece of good news today...Bryce made the whole trip without a pull-up on!  We did have to stop once to go to the bathroom, but it was pretty good for our first attempt.  I'm hoping this pack of pull-ups I bought on Monday will be my last!
Happy cooking and baking to those of you out there preparing for tomorrow!

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