Thursday, July 14, 2011

the big thankful post...

Most of you know that this year has not been easy, our house still hasn't sold and we're (the kids and I) are moving to Iowa without Bob in a few weeks so Brianna can start school.  I don't know that I will ever look back on this year (at least the first half...hopefully the second half redeems itself) and think that this was a great year.  It has been hard, much harder than we thought, and stressful...and to be completely honest, this house selling hasn't brought out the best in me.  I truly feel like we're doing the right thing for our family by moving, but after hitting roadblock after roadblock the doubt is definitely creeping in.  This wasn't the way it was supposed to go...but, this is the way it is going and we are dealing with it the best way we can. That brings me to my thankful...As tough as these last six-ish months have been....there is no way we could have made it through without our friends and family.  They are always ready with encouraging words and even just an ear to listen when we need to let out our frustrations.  They are all the best.  And for me personally, I am so very thankful for Bob.  He works so hard for all of us and keeps me sane (well as sane as I ever get), he makes me laugh when I want to cry, and is just there for me always.  So, through it all...I'm still so very thankful.AND...I get to spend the weekend with some of my very favorite people in the world so I'm very thankful for that as well! :)

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