Thursday, April 21, 2011

days 37 through 39...

I'm coming to the end of my Lenten project of recording things I'm thankful for and I'm slacking on my last few days.  I have no good excuse for being three days behind, I just am.  I'm excited to be going to see family this weekend to celebrate Easter, we've been home for the last 3 weekends (which is so unlike us) so it is time for a little trip away.  I of course have a page long list of things I need to get packed and get ready, but in true Amber fashion I am procrastinating  and probably won't do it until tomorrow.  Bob had softball tonight so it has been just me and the kids all day, and while they have been pretty good (and even went to bed fairly easily tonight) I just have no energy to do anything extra.  Normally I'd have the dishes done and laundry put away but instead I'm sitting on the couch writing a blog post, watching a rerun of Grey's and reading a book (well not simultaneously...but you know).  Anyway, enough rambling...I'm hoping to have some pictures soon, I haven't taken my camera out for a long time, but this weekend...I promise!  Here is my thankful list for the last 3 days. 

day 37 (Tuesday 4/19)...
  • no bedtime fights
  • catching up on DVR
  • leftovers for dinner (so I didn't have to cook)
  • a short day at work
  • a quiet night at home with the hubby
day 38 (Wednesday 4/20)...
  • wearing a new dress (trying to will it to be spring)
  • kids in good moods when I picked them up
  • kids belly laughs while playing
  • getting an advance reader copy of a book in the mail
  • pizza for dinner (I didn't have to cook! I really like to cook normally, I just wasn't into it this week)
day 39 (Thursday 4/21)...
  • a night with no bedtime fight
  • watching American Idol with my girl
  • kids picking up the toys without me yelling
  • a long nap from Bryce
  • a dinner with everyone ate and no one complained about (YAY!)

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abbie said...

So I would love to know how you think this has changed the way you think/feel about life. Has doing this daily thankful project made you be more thankful for everyday things on a habitual basis? Do you think you will be more thankful overall in life?
I gave up shopping for me for lent. It was really hard at first and then again hard at the end when I really wanted something new to wear to church for Easter. But now that Lent has been over for quite a few days and I even had the chance to go to Target shopping (KID FREE!) I still didn't buy anything for myself. I found myself really questioning the necessity of the purchase. I am hoping this mindset will stick. And not that I can't ever shop for myself again, but that I won't be quite the shopaholic that I was before.
love when short term experiments become more permanent ways of thinking!
Hope you all had a great Easter!