Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend with friends...

This past weekend I had the opportunity to get together with some great friends from high school.  We try to get together once a year for a girl's day at the spa.  This year it came at the perfect time.  Mom agreed to watch the kids while I went so we drove to Iowa on Thursday and Friday we spent the day with my friend, Jill and her kiddos (who are about the same age as Brianna & Bryce).  The kids had a great time together.  By Saturday morning, however, I was so ready to be off mommy duty for the day.  The spa was fantastic (as always) I just had a pedicure, but the first one of the year is always so great.  I'm definitely ready for spring now!!  After the spa we decided we were going to head out for the night, we went to a bar for a bit and had a great time laughing and catching up.  I really do have some amazing friends, life is just so much more happy and colorful with them in it.

With that...here is my thankful day 16...
  1. a productive day at work
  2. a short nap after dinner
  3. Bob taking over bath duties
  4. a dinner I didn't have to cook
  5. the sun shining brightly today

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Abbie said...

oh a pedicure! Sounds divine. Would love a girls day at the spa. Haven't been to a spa for anything since I was pregnant with Sam!