Tuesday, March 15, 2011

garbage and thanks...

Seriously I'm what on my 2nd day of giving thanks and I almost forgot.  Good grief!  My brain is swiss cheese right now so my title is not creative in the least.  But before I get my pjs on and crawl into bed I wanted to update you on my waste for today (it is just mine not everyone in my household since we weren't home together all day) and give you the five things I'm thankful for today.  So here we go...first the garbage...
  1. tissue (crazy I never even think about throwing those away)
  2. diaper (only 1 because Bryce was only home for the morning)
  3. wrapper from the sandwich I had for lunch
  4. 2 paper towels
  5. convenience store coffee cup
  6. candy bar wrapper
Looking at my list almost all of my trash came from using things that are convenient.  Planning ahead on days like these will serve me well in the future.  Normally I don't drink convenience store coffee or eat candy bars, but between jobs today I needed a little jolt.    Like I stated before this is not a typical day (well it is a typical Tuesday, just not a normal day where the kids and I are home all day) for us mostly because none of us were home and I don't know what my kids or husband threw away today, but I guess I have to start somewhere.

Now for my thankful list...
  1. convenience store coffee
  2. that I don't have to have a bedtime battle tonight
  3. that my kids are safe and loved even though they aren't in our house tonight
  4. that my in-laws graciously give up Tuesday afternoons/nights and Wednesdays to help us out with childcare
  5. that I have readers that care what I'm thankful for
  6. and a bonus thing I'm thankful for...spellcheck, because I cannot for the life of me spell convenience!
And with that I am heading to bed!  Until tomorrow friends!

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Abbie said...

Oh convenience! Gets me a lot too. Love this idea of having daily thankful lists. I am so jealous of the family you have in town. Trying to find someone to watch the girls so I could go to a one day event downtown was the biggest ordeal!
Thanks so much for participating in my trash event!!