Wednesday, March 02, 2011

for sale...

Our house! Our house is for sale! It has been on the market for a few days now and we are slowly getting the hang of keeping the house clean all the time! This is quite an undertaking for a house with two kids...especially our kids! Other than realizing I'm a complete control freak and do not deal so well with things I have no say in, I am getting a big lesson in patience as well. It has been a rough week but I have faith that everything will work out and someone out there will love this house as much as we have. It is just a house, but so much of our story is wrapped up here. The place we came to when our babies came home from the hospital, where they took their first steps, said their first many memories held forever inside these walls. We have loved it here, but it is time to move find a place to better suit the family we have become. I'm so excited for this next chapter of our lives, but I'm also a little sad to be closing this one. Well...I will be once we actually sell! Right now...anyone want to buy our house? :)

(sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors...I'm writing this on Bob's iPod so give me a little leeway! :)

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