Thursday, November 04, 2010

late night wonderings...

I was just scrolling through my google reader (which I love using...but is solely the cause of me rarely leaving comments on blogs, because most of them I never have to click over to the actual blog, I can read it right from the reader screen...and yes I know that is lazy, but I do comment when I feel compelled to or just to say hi, I just don't do it as often as I should) I was scrolling through my reader I read this post and it made me think harder about something that has been bothering me a bit lately.  As I've been posting all of these catch-up posts and flipping back through the blog I realized there are a handful of pictures of me.  I started to wonder if all of my time behind the camera is keeping me separate from what it is I'm trying to capture.  I want to remember the good times, the laughs, how little my children were...but when they look back at the pictures I've captured of their lives...of our lives, will they wonder where I am?  It makes me sad to think that they may, at some point in their lives, wonder if I was present.  I always put the camera down and participate in whatever we're doing, but when they look back at pictures to help trigger those memories...I'm not there.  I feel strongly that it is important to capture our lives, I just wish I was able to be a part of the moment that I'm capturing.  Does that make any sense?  Does anyone else feel like this?  Do you have a suggestion/solution, because I'm all ears!   

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